Where is Dungeons & Dragons now?

The question I get asked as a DM (Dungeon Master), more often then any other question, is “why do they keep changing the game?”. The answer is complex if you count every variable that goes into producing any product, the truth is far less complicated. The truth is that each edition that is produced has [...]


Welcome to the NEW!

Hello, welcome to the new incarnation of  Our focus is on all things related to role playing games, from pencil and paper to the latest MMOPRG. Every day we will be adding news, games, game reviews, hosted events, and even schedules for upcoming online and live events.  So check back often. Do you run [...]

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age II: Pre-order goodies

Hey Dragon Age fans! Get ready because here comes Dragon Age II, and when you pre-order before March 8th, 2011 you also receive The Lion of Orlais Shield and The Fadeshear Sword. In case you haven’t seen the extended trailer yet, take a peek: Something else to sweeten the pot… Order DeadSpace 2 and get [...]

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